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SD Card-Laden Paper Airplanes to Be Dropped from the Edge of Space

Viral marketing agency The Viral Factory is helping Samsung with an experiment in which they’re planning to drop 100 SD cards attached to paper airplanes from 21 miles above the Earth in the stratosphere. Instructions will be printed on the paper airplane informing anyone who finds one of the experiment and what they can do […]

Check out the original source here.

Cross-Stitched Polaroid Dark Slide Cards

Check out these super-special Polaroid-themed greeting cards by Heather Champ. It’s made using two dark slides from expired Polaroid 600 film: The five colour bars (celebrating the new PX 70 packaging) create a negative space …

Think Tank Photo rotation360

We’re giving away another nifty camera backpack this week: a Think Tank Photo rotation360

Think Tank Photo rotation360

We’re giving away another nifty camera backpack this week: a Think Tank Photo rotation360

Think Tank Photo rotation360

We’re giving away another nifty camera backpack this week: a Think Tank Photo rotation360

Enhance Physical Album Photos with Voice Notes

The Photo Album Story Teller is a nifty device that allows you to add voice notes to your physical photos. It works with color coded stickers that are used to identify photos. Place the sticker …

Black and White HDR Time Lapse Shot with a Sony A700

Andrew Rees shot this beautiful black and white time lapse in Cardiff, Wales using a Sony A700 DSLR. He shot 700 pairs of photos (a total of 1400 shots) with 2.5 seconds in between pairs, …

Photo Loving Giantess Invades Toyko

Panasonic decided recently that it would be a good idea to put up a giant inflatable balloon of their spokesmodel, Japanese actress Haruka Ayase, to promote its new Lumix camera. Apparently passersby reacted with fear …

Time Lapse Videos of Food Decomposing

Time lapse photography allows us to view ordinary things in unordinary ways, whether it’s the clouds passing overhead or plants shooting up out of the ground. I recently came across these two videos that I …

Film About 14-Year-Old Paparazzi Photog Austin Visschedyk

“Teenage Paparazzo” is a documentary film that will debut on HBO on September 27. It’s about the life of Austin Visschedyk, a 14-year-old paparazzi photographer who chases celebrities for 17 hours a day, earning …

Giant 20×24 Polaroid Photography Lives on Through NY Studio

Meet the 20×24 Polaroid Land Camera, a mythical beast in the world of large format photography. Polaroid’s founder Edwin Land created only seven of these 235-pound cameras over thirty years ago, and only six exist …

A Day in the Life of the MIT Community

A Day in the Life of MIT (ADITL) is a neat project in which members of the MIT community take pictures on a particular day and then pool the photographs together to provide a snapshot …

High-Tech Glasses That Can Project Photos into Your Eyeball

Here’s a glimpse into what viewing photographs might be like for future generations: Brother Industries is working on a special pair of glasses called the AirScouter that can project images directly into your retina, making …

Neatify Your Transparent Phone Case by Printing Out a Camera

If you desperately want to make your phone look like a camera but our Leica-lookalike skin isn’t right for you, you can try printing out a camera yourself if you have a transparent case for …

Apple Dipped Its Toes in Digital Cameras

Here’s a fun bit of trivia: did you know that at one time Apple (then named Apple Computer) made compact digital cameras? Launched in 1994, the Apple QuickTake was actually one of the first digital …

Creative Mirrored Portraits Shot with Symmetrical Lighting

If you have a Mac, you’ve probably played around with the mirror effect in Photo Booth. Photographer Bart Nagel takes mirrored photos to a new level with his new project A/symmetrical. Nagel shoots portraits with …

The First Plenoptic Camera on the Market

It looks like the wait for plenoptic cameras to hit the market is shorter than we thought when we reported earlier today on Adobe’s interesting demonstration on the technology. In fact, there is no wait …

Children with Identical-Looking Dolls

Photographer Achim Lippoth of London-based creative agency edsonwilliams recently created this series of photographs for Kid’s Wear Magazine involving children with dolls that look just like them. Beautiful portraits with a hint of cute and …

Photog without Work Visa Enlists 7-Year-Old Daughters Help for Exhibition

When American photographer Alex Soth arrived in the UK earlier this year to work on a commission for the city of Brighton‘s photo biennial, he was told by the customs officer at the airport that …

Lensbaby Tilt Transformer Turns Nikon Lenses into Tilt Shifts for EVIL

Lensbaby unveiled a new accessory at Photokina called the Tilt Transformer, which allows you to use Nikon mount lenses on EVIL camera bodies as an instant tilt-shift lens with twice the tilt of normal TS …

Beautiful Time Lapse of a Starry Night Sky

If you live in an urban area, you probably don’t see the night sky very clearly due to light pollution. Luckily, there’s videos like this one to remind us how beautiful the sky above is …