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Digital Photography For Dummies

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If you’re comfortable with the concept of photography but find the digital part a stumbling block, Digital Photography for Dummies will get you over the hump.

Author Julie Adair King, a photographer and graphics-software specialist, deftly explains such concepts as resolution, f-stop, and compression. She is also refreshingly upfront about the differences between film-based and digital photography, spelling out the latter’s shortcomings early on. Her advice on all aspects of the field is well thought out and simple without being condescending. She informs readers, for example, that you needn’t use high-pixel resolutions simply for placing images on a Web page. Such tips will come as a relief to fledgling photographers on a budget, or novices who may have thought they had to use the highest-quality settings at all times.

Aside from the technical concerns of working with the camera and computer, King also gives sound tips on composition and lighting. And since retouching is one of the principal benefits of digital photography, she spends a fair amount of time discussing photo-editing software. And while most of the examples are in black and white, the most important examples, gratefully, are included in a 16-page color plate section in the middle of the book.

For those of you considering jumping into the world of digital photography, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better guide to getting started than Digital Photography for Dummies. –John Frederick Moore
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Digital Photography For Dummies


  • James Clark Clendenen says:

    I learned a lot
    I’ve had a Canon point & shoot for a couple of years, but didn’t know to use it. I studied the operating manual, then studied some more.

  • Enche Tjin says:

    Informative book, but too much focus in technical aspect
    This book has almost all technical aspects of digital photography explained in plain language. It is almost like a bible.

  • Richard Schlapia says:

    schlapia in dc
    I bought this book new, for it allowed me to ship my total purchases for free.

  • Denise A. Davis says:

    Review for Digital Dummies
    Digital Photography for Dummies is easy to understand with all the information you need for our digital world.

  • Elliotte Harold says:

    10 Years Later Still a Great Book
    Although a tad dated, most of the tech really hasn’t changed that much at the important level. This is an incredibly well-written book that still has lots of practical, useful…

  • J. Smart says:

    Photo for dummies really isnt…
    I like the book but is a little more advanced than I was hoping for. After having just purchased a digital camera for my mom (her first), I thought this book may be just what she…

  • Kim Amor says:

    Helpful and timely
    The seller was very helpful and timely in sending this product in time for class.

  • D. Enders says:

    Reviewed by Robert King , Alaskan Apple User Group

    Pros: This book covers the basics of taking pictures with your digital camera plus managing them on your computer–with everything well illustrated and clearly explained…

  • Richard A. Wagner says:

    Digital Photography for Dummies
    An excellent book for beginners and intermediate photographers. Clear, concise and easy to read. 10 of 10

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