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On-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography

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Product Description

With this guidebook, photographers learn how to create stunning, professional images while avoiding the common pitfalls of using an on-camera flash. Techniques for using simple accessories—such as bounce cards and diffusers as well as how to improve a lighting scenario by enhancing it rather than overwhelming it—show photographers how to master this challenging aspect of portraiture. For wedding and environmental portrait photographers who must work in ever-changing lighting scenarios, executing these tips to evade flat, lifeless images with harsh shadows, washed-out skin tones, cavernous black backgrounds, and other unappealing visual characteristics results in not only better images, but happier clients and more sales.

On-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography


  • S. MITOSSIS says:

    the best so far…..
    If you are a beginer buy this book for later. If you know how to use the creative modes on your camera and udnerstand how Apperture ,Shutter speed and ISO affect the exposure buy…

  • Michael Magpantay says:

    Excellent book and exactly what I needed.
    This is an excellent book for a beginning photographer like me. I wasn’t aware of how beneficial a flash could be compared to better glass.

  • A. R. Thomas says:

    On Camera Flash Help
    This publication is very helpful for those photographers who are stuggling with on Camera flash. It goes into setups, balancing light with ambient light, etc.

  • Lauri A. Dailey says:

    photography books
    This book is a fabulous source for digitial photographers intermediate level and beyond. The focus is on the use of

    on-camera flash for portrait and wedding photography and…

  • John Spoltore says:

    On Camera Flash Tecniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography
    Excellent topic of photo interest but short on details. I found that several parts of the book strayed from the book’s title.

  • Christopher Z. Rayala says:

    Must have for those learning flash photography
    I used to be an “existing light” guy. I really hated the look of direct flash on a subject. I was having a nice chat with my brother-in-law when he told me about this website…

  • Brian Wiese says:

    great cheap techniques for rich results!
    If you love […] – you’ll love this! You can get “off camera flash” without taking your “flash off the camera” – all you need is to get the light to come from “another direction”…

  • D. Mccormack says:

    Every wedding/portrait photographer should read this book
    This is a brilliant book that concentrates on techniques for non-studio flash photography. Neil van Niekerk has been imparting his very considerable professional photographic…

  • professional photographer ! says:

    READ IT !
    I am a professional photographer for 20 years.. My library of photographic book numbers 100+


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