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The Digital Photography Book

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“Kelby’s laid-back writing style is perfect for those looking for fascinating insights without getting caught up in technical detail. An essential series for anyone wanting to take professional looking images.” Laurence Howell, Short List

The Digital Photography Book


  • Adi Harush says:

    Great book!
    – Gives you practical advices

    – Written with humor

    – Talks to both Canon and Nikon users (Including the instructions given in text \ images)

    – Assumes you know…

  • Damien J. Martin says:

    Misleading advice
    As other reviews have noted, Scott Kelby’s puns are either something you like, are distracted by or absolutely loathe.

  • Eleftheria Kama says:

    Great tips for amateur photographers
    Quick tips, not so much theory as many other photography books, makes you feel by reading “The digital photography book” as if you were attending a seminar; where what students…

  • M. Burri says:

    No Fluff
    Straight-shooting, easy to read, no holds barred writing. Fits my needs, interests and attention span.

  • CoachK says:

    This is a very practical, down-to-earth book that you can actually use and not have to learn all the technical details.

  • ML says:

    Full of trash around the gems of wisdom
    As other negative reviewers have noted, there is a *lot* of worthless mockery and jokes and gotchas around the real wisdom in this book.

  • A. Kemmet says:

    A very easy read
    I’m always a little hesitant to buy a book like this without flipping through it a little bit first but a friend had already recommended it.

  • George Adel Andraws says:

    Digital Photography Basics are Covered
    Scott Kelby does a good job giving amateur photographers the tips and tricks they need to go from simple to good.

  • Ugur Ozden says:

    excellent for the novice too
    As a novice in digital photography, I found this book to be very straight to the point, organized and very practical, and easy to understand.

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